Just to let you know that I am
still with you, eagerly awaiting...
I hope you are getting on alright.
I know it is always the grand finale.

Those who want to climb the summit are also haunted by the summit.

We are haunted.

But what is it?
It is an activation and it is for all. It is equal and you need nothing. Seeds sprouting.
Volcanoes roaring.

There is the summit. There is the abyss.
Still with you, awaiting...

Fall for flight.

You do not need anything.
And when you gaze your skin moves.

Still with you, awaiting... Seeds sprouting. Volcanoes roaring.

Haunted by the summit. Haunted by the abyss. We are haunted.

Still with you, awaiting...

I hear you.
I feel ghosts fading away.

Hope you are getting on alright.
It is a walk, a climb, a fall.
I know it is always the grand finale.

High pace.
A vision, surreal, tangible. Paranoia.
Fata morgana.
Full speed.

As the wind is getting stronger, my feet are sinking into the rock, my stomach is a circus,
my mind goes blank.

I have always dreamt of this place where one can see beyond the sky. Wild, wild places.

Still with you. Like bodies dancing.

I see a place, I see a room, four windows.
I walk towards them, I enter, and I trade winds.

Fall for flight — 

Published in March 2022

Ebba Bastmark, Roger Boltshauser, Arno Brandlhuber, Brady Burrough, Adam Caruso, Ileana Crim, CS, Marine de Dardel, Clemens Finkelstein, An Fonteyne, Fotocollettivo, Will Fu, Teresa Galí-Izard, Christophe Girot, Flavio Gisler, Franziska Gödicke, Mike Guyer, Noé Herrli, Iris Hilton, Johannes Pál Hirsbrunner, Michael Hirschbichler, Stefan Holzer, Hubert Klumpner, Tamino Kuny, Silke Langenberg, Elise Limon, Sacha Menz, Julia Messerschmidt, Davide Morgillo, Elli Mosayebi, Leander Nowack, Luisa Overath, Furqat Palvan-Zade, Robert Saat, Karin Sander, Arno Schlueter, thethirdeye.agency, Roger Tudó Galí, Philip Ursprung, Leonie Wagner, Yue Zhao 

Editorial Team
Sebastian Baumann, Sophia Garner, Elisaveta Kriman, Juliette Martin 

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