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entry deadline - abstract: April 5, 2013 /

entry deadline - final contribution: May 24, 2013

Zurich, March 8, 2013. ‹trans› is a semi-annual professional journal of the Department of Architecture at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology ETHZ and has been managed by an independent student editorial team since 1997. The journal addresses current issues in architecture and urban development from a variety of perspectives, such as the humanities, politics, philosophy and the arts. ‹trans› thus sees itself as a platform for interdisciplinary discourse.

When we skype, send emails and access our servers every day from anywhere on earth, our world seems to have no limits. Nevertheless, we move within a defined framework according to norms and laws and we constantly reach the limits of feasibility, of our imagination, of our strength. As prospective architects, our university tries to prepare us for this journey. We learn to sharpen our awareness and expand our knowledge in various subjects. At the same time we organize our studies alone or in teams and we structure our time to deal with the increasing work load. Any student who wants to broaden his horizon elsewhere can study in Delft, Boston or Singapore: in our interconnected world, territorial borders no longer seem to constitute obstacles. Some are only marked on maps, others are clearly defined by rivers, mountains or man-made walls. Borders can be changed and redefined, as in the proposed revision of the Spatial Planning Act against the progressing urban sprawl in Switzerland. Awareness of our limited resources emerged at the latest with the oil crisis in the 1970s, as manifested in studies such as ‹The Limits to Growth› by the Club of Rome and programs like the United Nations‘ ‹Agenda 21›. In a world that balances on a thin line between bubble and crash, growth and collapse, reflection upon mental and physical limits becomes essential. What is at the limit, what limits us and where are we without limits?

We are interested in fostering discussion of different positions, directions, and perspectives. The form of contributions to this discussion can be diverse, ranging from scientific articles, personal essays, comments, and portraits to illustrations, photo series, or collages, depending on the content. We welcome a short description of your proposed submission in the form of an abstract. This should be no longer than one DIN A4 page or 600 words, possibly supplemented with a few pictures. Please send us your abstract by April 5, 2013. The final contribution is due by May 24, 2013. ‹trans23› will be available in selected bookstores in September 2013.