Science Fiction and utopian ideas allowed us to dream of a better realities while launching us into great uncetrainty about our dystopian present. They nutured a tradition of healthy skepticism, and called for critical discussions about the reality of the 20th century. Today our fear of change seems to have forced doubt to capitulate by imposing strict rules and inflexible requirements.  

The demand for stability concerns society and politics as well as architecture itself; renderings seem to portray a perfect reality; structural engineers forecast for every possible condition; the sustainability-trend and its rigorous guidelines result in visually standardised construction projects. Reglementation in building processes erase the freedom to try out, rethink and distrust. Often enough though, we question for questioning’s sake without relying on our intuition to hesitate. In dubio, doubt, is a tool for research and insight, which is neither optimistic nor pessimistic.

Cool, critical thinking is not afraid of addressing the sore spots. With trans 28 ‹doubt› we aim for a discours of removed and current doubts–thoughts that help to see architecture from a new perspective.

We are looking for positions and theses, diverse in form. These can range from papers, personal essays, pamphlets and documentaries, to graphic, photographic or hybrid contributions. We are primarily interested in a brief description of your proposal, the abstracts of which should be sent to us via email by the 11th October. The completed paper should be submitted by the 13th December.

trans 28 will be available in bookstores from February 2016.