Love is the anthropologically strongest form of solidarity. Therefore it is the basis of all forms of community on our planet. Through spaces and buildings, architecture gives a physical response to the need for community and protection. In designed atmospheres, forced or subtile, pleasant or uneasy, we infect each other with feelings. Which feelings do we want to arouse as architects? What are spatial points of reference of love? Love is not only staged in spaces, it can also be seen as an attitude: as an unprejudiced, selfless perspective on that which is around us: as an affection. And when love becomes passion it gives the power to stand in for something unconditionally. 
We are looking for works of architecture, art and theory. The form is free: essays, fragments, reports, poems, interviews, photographs, drawings, sketches and designs. 
Send us your idea for a contribution until the October 16th per mail to trans@arch.ethz.chAll final entries should be handed in until the 4th December. 
trans 32 will be in bookstores in February 2018.

Looking forward to your entries! Your editorial team: Dorothee, Julius, Saida and Selina