For the upcoming issue of trans magazine we want to think about Reality. After we decided to dedicate the next issue to reality we came across the transReal-issue from the year 2000. In the editorial one can read: "The term ‘reality’ is becoming ever blurrier. (…) Is there a critical potential for architects to focus on everyday life in order to escape the boundlessness of today’s world full of simulations, or should one focus on the infinite possibilities of this new world?"

We feel that so much has changed in 20 years, and we now feel ready to tackle this subject once again. The blurring of reality seems ever more heightened. And one must ask oneself whether it is even possible to escape this simulation world.
Today the idea of automatising architectural design no longer seems impossible. Even studies are pouring out, affirming that the architecture profession will disappear in a few years. We are not saying that one should simply accept this prediction. However, in order to have a critical perspective on the situation, we must first understand it. 
Many architecture schools are now being restructured in order to better respond to current market forces. If we do not want to be overtaken by such developments, we must recognise the symptoms early enough, and reflect critically upon them. The HIL building on the ETH-Campus Hönggerberg may be an island floating in the ocean of truth, nevertheless, we should look closer at the phenomenon of ‚fake news’, renderings, hyperreality, banality, construction, illusion, irreality, progress, market forces, virtual reality, extended reality or simply the greyness of everyday life. 
We should know more about the tools of todays’ realities, so that we can not only apply them but also critically question them. If the profession of the architect is increasingly being called into question, it might lead us to open our eyes and think about completely different possibilities in architecture.
In this way, if we are able to increase our awareness in the now, we may be able to talk about tomorrow with a more critical mindset.

We are looking for works of art, architecture, science and theory discussing Reality. Contributions can range from personal essays, documentaries, papers, graphics, photographs, to (…) We are firstly interested in a brief description of your proposal which should be sent to by the 8th of April.
trans 33 will be available in bookstores from September 2018.

Your editorial team: Anna, Sara, Selina and Julius